Help agents easily serve more customers predicts what customer support agents need to type next and puts those sentences or phrases right at their fingertips.

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"The browser extension is a great tool that I got used to very quickly. I can no longer imagine my working day without it. In my email communication, phrases and sentences are often repeated, so the one-click add-on is perfect. I don't have to copy or write these sentences by hand, so it saves me a lot of time. An effective practical tool!"
Aneta S., Customer Support Agent at
"The function works for all my colleagues. The feedback I got from them is that the feature learns very quickly and personalizes according to their answers. They also praise the time savings."
Michaela H., Head of Customer Support at

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As a customer support agent, you interact with customers daily.

Customers often solve recurring problems. So you often write sentences and phrases that repeat. uses sophisticated AI to suggest the right sentence endings you need at every turn of the conversation. You can easily select and paste them by clicking the TAB.

Thanks to the Autocomplete feature, you save time and prevent typing errors. is a browser extension so you can install it within a minute.