Understand&Answer in a seconds

OneTone is the AI writing assistant in your browser. Email, Chat, Sales, Customer Success, ...

  • Read&write faster thanks to AI
  • Reduce repetitive writing
  • Share knowledge with your team
Browser extension is installable with one click and works in the tools you already use.

Works where you work

No integrations are needed.

Key Features


Save time with text templates

Do you often send similar answers? Create them simply as a template. Find them via full-text search or let OneTone recommend ones.


Save time with sentence smart compose

Let's bet that you write similar sentences often. If OneTone recognises it, it will suggest you a possible sentence ending.


Save time with the AI reading assistant

OneTone will help you understand an email's intent. Also, It will extract important email data such as order numbers.


Groups go further than individuals

Your knowledge and skill can help your teammates, so let OneTone share it with other teammates.